Our Management

Dr. Eng. Roberto Vito Ingraldi

CEO – Power Divison

Born in Italy on 1962, Roberto Vito Ingraldi took the degree Magna cum Laude on 1984 in Electric Engineering – Italian State University – Specialization in Energy Production and Distribution. He speaks Italian, English, German, Turkish and Spanish. He has been working as a Manager for 30 Years in Business Development, Energy Production and EPC Constructions, developing a deep International Experience working at high level in several world-scale corporations along the world (Procter and Gamble, ENEL, MAIN, 3SUNS, FILKAB, CANADIAN SOLAR, TALESUN, etc).

From 2008 he is focused on Renewable Energy, Developing, Building and Managing large assets with Photovoltaic, Battery Systems, Wind and Biomass technologies. In the De Raj Group he is the CEO of the Power Division with Offices in Cologne (Germany).

Surendra Kumar Mahanty

CEO – Energy Equipment Services Division

Surendra Kumar Mahanty, Mechanical Engineering graduate with MBA in finance with nearly 26 years of experience in Project Management, Engineering, Procurement and Construction works in the fields Petrochemicals, Refineries, LNG & Fertilizer Plants, Telecom and Civil Infrastructure.

Hands on experience of 12 years working for Industry majors like JGC, Toyo, Daelim, DODSAL, Newton, he sensed the gaps in Execution processes and came up with an innovative idea to develop a UNIQUE software integrating it with Engineering, Procurement and Construction processes which would help ease the identification of major and minor glitches and help in smooth execution of the projects.

The Entrepreneurial urge in him motivated him to successfully kickstart his startup venture MKG in 2006 by developing the Unique Software for the Oil and Gas industry. ‘Amogh’ is the name of the Unique Software and in the present-day Oil and Gas Giants execute their projects utilizing Amogh.

As a dynamic business leader, he has successfully demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills and has steered the MKG Group to new heights through sheer Innovation, Vision, Commitment, Passion. He has a wealth of oil and gas industry knowledge and a clear strategic vision.

He has successfully diversified the business not only into different business verticals but also geographically. He had also led the company-wide business transformation initiative, which has resulted in the development of the constitution of MKG.

He brings in rich and varied experience in the areas of EPC related to Energy, Telecom and Civil Infrastructure along with cross functional expertise and is adept in Identifying and grooming leaders and Businesses.