Health & Safety

De Raj Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our staff. Through a strong and committed top management, we are constantly assessing the workplace for health and safety risks that can jeopardise the overall safety. We prioritise safety at all levels of our organisation through safety training and rigorous workplace standards and through leadership and innovation.

The impact of De Raj Group’s operations on the environment is monitored continuously. We are committed to safeguarding the environment for all projects that we are involved in by adhering to strict environmental policies and ensuring compliance with local environmental laws and regulations.


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    De Raj Group adheres strictly to the standards and policies which are outlined in our HSE Management System.

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    At De Raj Group, the safety of our staff is paramount and we ensure a safe working environment.

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    HSE awareness is high within De Raj Group’s work place and work sites.

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    Care for the environment is one of De Raj Group’s key responsibilities.

Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy is as follows:

De Raj Group commits to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel working for and on behalf of the organisation who are affected by its operations. This takes into account the applicable legal requirements to which the organisation subscribes that relates to its health, safety and environmental (HSE) hazards.

Reviews the QHSE Management System performance regularly to ensure its continuous improvement so that the system remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation.

Guarantees effort is made to continuously evaluate the HSE aspect of our deliverables to ensure that they are safe and have no undue environmental impact in their intended use, are efficient in their consumption of energy and can be recycled, reused or disposed safely.

Reinforces that our QHSE policies are adhered to by all our personnel at all times.

Observes a culture of zero tolerance against all forms of bribery and corruption.

Undertakes to ensure that neither our personnel nor interested parties be deprived of HSE information for we at the De Raj Group, as part of our best practices, take the necessary steps to ensure that such personnel or interested parties are equipped with and made aware of their individual HSE obligations.

Participates and involves all personnel in all HSE activities to create a better working environment where De Raj Group will ensure that adequate information, training and resources are made available to prevent injury, ill health and pollution.