The oil & gas technologies that De Raj Group incorporates have been patented in several countries across the globe.

Our FAST technology makes use of microwaves in order to provide flow assurance for waxy crude. Our MOPSUTM and MdWHPTM technology both provide marginal field owners or operators a solution for the following common problems:

  • Minimum CAPEX for the field owner or operator
  • First oil or gas in weeks to optimise cash flow – improving IRR
  • Extended Well Testing (EWT) to determine reservoir profile
  • Minimum risk & development costs from optimal data evaluation
  • Operating in water depths of up to 120 metres
  • Fit-for-purpose to produce small hydrocarbon reserves
  • Operating with crude oil production rates as low as 2,500 bpd
  • Economically viable where recoverable reserves are as low as 5 million barrels
  • Flexibility to cater for uncertainties surrounding remote filed developments

The following is a list of countries in which our patents have been granted:

Country Patents (Click to see granted patent)
Australia PCT-MY2008-000043
China 200980127304.1
Europe 2501610
GCC GC0010051 (1)
GC0010051 (2)
Indonesia IDP000039940
Iran 61798
Iraq 3969
Mexico 340779
Nigeria NG/C/2010/820
Thailand 0901001833
United States of America 8,403,058
Vietnam 13380