Partnership Models

De Raj Group is built on partnerships. We believe in enhancing our potential by bringing together like-minded people and integrating them into the platform that we have created. Our models for partnership span from simple business associations to mergers and acquisitions.

The industry-specific models we have created for our Power business are:

Under this model, De Raj Group becomes the investor in power plants and will finance the acquisition of the power generation asset. The investee partner will be responsible for delivering a minimum guaranteed return on De Raj Group’s investment and in the continued performance and upkeep of the equipment against appropriate performance guarantees.

Under this model, De Raj Group takes over the execution and management of entire power projects and provides appropriate equity interests to the partner company. This equity is in ratio to their contribution of the acquisition or financing of the project.

Under this model, De Raj Group acts as an industrial investor by providing a corporate platform for companies in the Power sector to enhance their operations.