Wellhead platforms and production platforms with minimal facilities are conventionally installed using crane barges or drilling rigs’ derricks. Marginal field developments become uneconomical due to the huge costs associated with the mobilisation and usage of the necessary marine spread for these types of installations.

The MdWHPTM provides cost-effective installation solution for offshore platforms that are required for marginal field developments. The transportation of the components of the offshore platforms and the installation of these platforms can be accomplished using a converted jack-up rig. The offshore platform’s deck, housing wellhead and / or production equipment, is supported on the installer jack-up unit’s cantilever skid beams or slot during transportation to offshore location. The installer unit not only transports the deck but also the components of the substructure installed temporarily on its mat or stacked-up underneath skid beams. Once at offshore location, the substructure of the offshore platform is installed by the installer unit, forming the foundation for the deck. The deck is then installed over the substructure. The installer unit then demobilises to transport and install offshore platforms at another marginal field.