The Oil & Gas industry is plagued by the perennial issue of wax and asphaltene build-up in storage tanks, pipelines and production wells. Problems associated with paraffin and asphaltene, in the form of deposition, vary from field to field, and sometimes from well to well in the same field. These negative effects steadily reduce the flow rate in the pipelines and wells, eventually stopping flow altogether whilst reducing storage capacity and creating difficulties in offloading from storage tanks. These undesirable build-up of deposits reduce overall operating efficiency and raise production costs. Traditional methods of tackling the problem are fraught with their own host of problems and are usually not cost-efficient and are highly ineffective in producing a lasting solution.

The Magnetor Flow Enhancement System, MFE-100TM provides a revolutionary means of improved flow assurance using microwave technology to generate heat and maintain the required temperatures , offering tremendous benefits over the cost of implementation.

Flow-SolTM is a revolutionary solvent that breaks down wax and asphaltene deposits in pipelines, storage tanks and production wells allowing for uninterrupted operations. It is a bio-based blend that is both oil soluble and water-dispersible and it dissolves the paraffin into a saleable hydrocarbon solution with a high BTU value without carcinogenic and toxic properties. Once it emulsifies and encapsulates the paraffin molecules into a liquid hydrocarbon solution, the Paraffin-Flow-SolTM hydrocarbon blend is then oil-soluble and water-dispersible.