In the final quarter of 2012, Falcon Energy (L) Inc. requested De Raj Group to refurbish and reactivate a cold stacked Bethlehem Steel Corp., JU-200 MC Type, 3 columns, mat supported drilling rig, tagged BOSS 6 for future projects. The rig was brought into Singapore to undergo refurbishment and reactivation works. BOSS 6 was also to have capabilities of extended well testing so an Extended Well Test (EWT) skid was specifically built for the drilling rig. The rig was successfully reactivated and refurbished, ready for operations by the first month of 2013. The total refurbishment took approximately 5 months.

The BOSS 6 refurbishment and reactivation works included the following:

  1. Refurbishment of all drilling equipment including a 1,392,000 lbs derrick and a 500 ton top drive
  2. Complete servicing of mud pumps, deep well pumps, etc.
  3. Complete refurbishment of marine systems, power generators, cranes, water makers, etc.
  4. Complete refitting and renovation of living quarters for 80 men
  5. Refurbishment of the helideck to CAP 437 as well as provision for 2 burner booms on the port and starboard side for flaring
  6. Provision for extended well test module installation. The extended well test module for testing and subsequent production has the capacity to handle 13,000 bbls / day of liquid and 8 MMscf / day of gas