In August 2013, Pertamina Hulu Energy West Madura Offshore (PHE WMO) was interested in further developing their PHE Field. One of their development plans was to have a platform available with boosting and gas lift capabilities to increase the production of oil & gas. De Raj Group was awarded a contract by PHE WMO for the provision of a Temporary Production Facility (TPF) to be installed at their well head platform tagged PHE38A. De Raj Group used an already owned Bethlehem Steel Corp., JU-200 MC Type, 3 columns, mat supported drilling rig, named BOSS 1 and converted the jack up unit to a Mobile Offshore Production Platform (MOPU) to be used as a TPF. MOPU BOSS 1 was transformed into a production unit in Singapore within a period of seven (7) months.

Previously, as part of asset management, the rig had been refurbished and life extension works were carried out on the unit i.e. renewal of the leg to mat connections, steel renewal on the hull, mat and legs, blasting and painting.
The drilling equipment and its associated equipment that was previously on the unit were also removed. Upon arrival in Singapore, the following works were carried out:

  1. Complete refurbishment of marine systems including secondary diesel power generators, dedicated firewater pump engines, emergency generators, water makers, sewage systems, 2 cranes (one fit for man riding), etc.
  2. Complete refurbishment and rearrangement of living quarters to ILO 92/133. New furniture and fittings were installed including the galley equipment
  3. Complete refurbishment of the helideck to CAP 437
  4. Installation of sponson tanks on the aft rig to cater for more deck space
  5. Installation of a flare boom complete with flare ignition skids for gas flaring
  6. Installation of a linking bridge for access from MOPU to WHP (PHE-38A). Linking bridge complete with flexible hose tie in points for gas lift, hydrocarbon import/export, compressed air and firewater
  7. Hull underdeck strengthening upon successful completion of vibration analysis
  8. Installation of 2 x 50% 75 mmscfd booster compressors
  9. Installation of 1unit of 20 mmscfd gas lift compressor
  10. Installation 2 x 100 % of crude oil transfer pumps, offspec water pumps and flare return pumps
  11. Installation of 2 x 100% of submersible firewater pumps each having independent drivers
  12. Installation of 2 x 100% gas engine generators
  13. Installation of separation modules, hydrocyclone and fuel gas conditioning skid

Upon transformation, the MOPU BOSS 1 had the capacity to manage 10,000 bbls / day of liquid and 75 MMscf / day of gas. De Raj Group also carried out the towing and installation as well as the hook up and commissioning of the platform. The start-up was successfully conducted in the first half of 2014 and upon acceptance, the platform was handed over to the operations and maintenance team.

Currently the unit is achieving an up time of 99% and is in its 4th year of operation.