Press Releases

De Raj Group invests in Malaysian Biomass Power Plant Company

Cologne, 14th October 2019

De Raj Group AG (“DRJ”), announces that it has entered into two (2) agreements with a private limited company incorporated in Malaysia engaged in the business of amongst other, renewable energy and electrical power generation (“Company”), and the Company’s holding company (“Holding Company”), in relation to DRJ’s subscription of convertible preference shares in the Company and its relative shareholding in the Company. Upon completion DRJ will have 35% equity in the Company.

The Company has a subsidiary which is incorporated in Malaysia to undertake (own, manage and operate) a 9.9MW biomass-fueled power plant in Malaysia using proven Japanese technology (the “Plant”). The Plant is expected to sell electricity to the grid and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 43,500 tCO2/yr.

Mr Vaidyanathan Nateshan, CEO – De Raj Group AG, said “the Group is active in various key sectors such as conventional power, energy, and renewables; and this subscription of convertible preference shares will help us achieve our ambition to own a portfolio of generation resources across Europe and Asia Pacific with a range of environmentally sustainable solutions.”