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De Raj Group and GEPetrol form Joint Venture

Cologne, 14th February 2020

De Raj Group AG (“DRJ”) and the EQUATORIAL GUINEA NATIONAL OIL COMPANY (Guinea Ecuatorial de Petròleos S.A.), GEPETROL, have issued this Joint Press release to announce their formation of a strategic Joint Venture for the development & production of oilfields; construction and upgradation of FPSOs; Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Refinery, Petrochemical Complex, Pharmaceutical Complex, Plastic Production Plant, Infrastructure Projects through issue of oil & gas backed bonds; and various other major & critical oil and gas Projects to boost the Equatorial Guinea industrialisation strategy and roadmap.

The Joint Venture scope of capabilities are focused on enhancing operational efficiencies and schedule impacts to enhance field productions and to maintain an effective, continuous improvement approach, ensuring best in class and globally acceptable development and production services standards in the Equatorial Guinea oil and gas sector.

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