Press Releases

De Raj Group actions to support the global response to COVID-19 pandemic

Cologne, 6th April 2020

Message from Vaidyanathan Nateshan, De Raj Group CEO:

De Raj Group has been actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and is supporting global efforts to tackle the virus. Since the outbreak, we have been using our expertise, resources and global reach to contribute to protecting the health and wellbeing of human life and managing our global supply chains to support patients and caregivers who depend on medical supplies.

Our initial response to the outbreak of COVID-19 has been to trace high quality stocks of critical products and medical supplies, referred as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s). As new issues continue to develop, we are working with health authorities and international bodies responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and commit to meaningful contributions in the sourcing of the scarce supply chain of PPE’s. We are working hard to ensure that the correct equipment arrives in the hands of those qualified medical staff who need it most and in the shortest possible time even bypassing antiquated bureaucratic procedures.

A core team has been created under the supervision of Sridhar Subramanian, CEO of De Raj UK Limited and Sheik Abdullah, Group Vice President – Business Development. We are also focusing a significant volume of effort in this area.

Below we have listed some of the actions currently taking place:
· Supporting hospitals with needed equipment and materials
· Protecting medical staff from COVID-19
· Supporting COVID-19 testing by supplying testing kits
· Contributing to relief efforts

Leveraging the leadership of Anthony Norris of CPH Asia Limited along with Swiss-based S-Handel GmbH, we have expanded our collaborations and are now working with all major government agencies around the world including USA, UK, Germany, Israel etc.

De Raj is also evaluating collaboration opportunities with several other government agencies, companies and institutions to help provide access to manufacturing and global supply chain.