Ah-Hoc Releases

De Raj Group Plans to Issue a 50m Euro Bond at Astana International Exchange

Cologne, 6th March 2020

The Management Board of De Raj Group AG (ISIN DE000A2GSWR1, Vienna Stock Exchange) approved the listing and offering of the Company’s 8% bond (ISIN DE000A254SY5) in the aggregate principal amount of up to EUR 50 million, divided into up to 50,000 notes payable to the bearer, due 28 February 2023, on Astana International Exchange (AIX, AIFC Exchange), Kazakhstan. The bond placement will be structured as a private issue. The minimum offering/trading bid of the notes on AIX shall be USD 100,000 or the equivalent of this amount in another currency.

Primarily 80 percent of the proceeds will be deployed to finance the equity portion of leveraged renewable energy projects with long term sovereign Power Purchase Agreements in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. The remaining 20 percent of the proceeds will be deployed to finance the acquisition of assets and businesses in the oil and gas space in CIS countries.

The directors of the Company will start to execute and file with AIX in accordance with the domestic legislation all constituent documents of the issuer.